Compliment your premium restaurant offering​
Delight your customers with Lavazza coffee
Compliment your premium restaurant offering​
Delight your customers with Lavazza coffee
Compliment your premium restaurant offering​
Delight your customers with Lavazza coffee
Compliment your premium restaurant offering​
Delight your customers with Lavazza coffee

Partner with Lavazza and create an exceptional dining experience

The trusted Lavazza brand, world-class coffee training, consistent coffee quality and sustainable focus make Lavazza a valuable business partner for your restaurant.

Our 360 degree offer is designed to support you with your business goals whilst delighting your customers with a premium coffee experience.
Lavazza coffee for hotels
Quality must be worked for, which is why Lavazza invests in innovation. From innovative packaging that guarantees better quality and longer shelf life to fail-proof espresso systems, Lavazza is on the leading-edge.
Lavazza has a dedicated team of in-house technicians and a comprehensive network of qualified service partners Australia-wide, providing you with the highest level of technical support and service.
Our coffee solutions for every occasion are backed by exceptional customer support. Whether it’s fast and easy ordering, to building a close business partnership, to your deliveries being made on time and at the right time for your business, we pride ourselves on impeccable support.
At Lavazza sustainability is a part of our DNA. Our work through the Lavazza Foundation is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and has been recognised globally by Forbes.
From basic to advanced, our coffee training program is backed by over 40 years of expertise in delivering the Lavazza coffee experience. Our Melbourne and Sydney training centres are two of only a few Speciality Coffee Association certified facilities in Australia.

Why partner with Lavazza

Serve high quality, consistent coffee that keeps your customers coming back for more.

Our Coffee

With an extensive portfolio of both locally and Italian roasted coffee, we are sure to have a solution which meets your venue’s needs.

Leaning on our 125 years of experience, we select our coffee from the best origins across many different countries to design a distinctive portfolio of coffee blends. We then employ leading-edge roasting technology to ensure our Italian DNA delivers a consistently delicious coffee experience that attracts a crowd.

Lavazza Coffee for hospitality venues

Our Restaurant Coffee Machines

We are excited to offer a range of restaurant coffee machine solutions for our partners. Craftsmanship, reliability and top performance are key elements each of our machines possess, promising your business consistency in every cup.

Lavazza Coffee for Restaurants

Brand Visibility Options

Lavazza will work with you to create a branded solution to suit your brand and venue’s unique needs.

Whether it be heroing a sustainable blend by creating a storytelling experience or supporting your outdoor dining with suitable, on brand co branded umbrellas, we will work with you to deliver a premium end-to-end coffee experience.


With two SCA accredited training centres in Australia, we will work with you to ensure your team has the knowledge and skills required to provide your customers with a premium coffee experience.

Backed by over 40 years of expertise, our 3-tier approach will improve barista knowledge of espresso and milk, grinding and essential maintenance, coffee cupping the Brazilian way, as well as green coffee and processing. Join us as we create innovative products, experiment with new taste combinations and design tools for the preparation and service of coffee.

Coffee training for Restaurant staff

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